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Capital BMX
Peter Cassidy, President
Capital BMX needs your support to assist it maintain and develop the Wellington BMX Track for the Wellington community.  The track is maintained by volunteers and funded by donations - without the community’s support it will not be possible for Capital BMX to maintain and develop the track for all to use and enjoy.

Please show your support by becoming a member of Capital BMX.  Membership is open to recreational track users, competitive BMX racers, and persons who wish to support the track and the Capital BMX club.  A part year membership from 1 May to 31 December 2016 is available at $30 for an individual and $50 for a family.  Join by 20 May and you can attend our AGM on 22 May.  Capital BMX is seeking enthusiastic persons to join its Committee for 2016-17.

The Wellington City Council currently has no plans to provide financial support in 2016-17 to assist with the ongoing maintenance costs of the track.  Capital BMX will make a submission for funding – but the outcome is unknown.

Visit:  www.capitalbmx.co.nz ‘s Membership tab
Capital BMX requires tools and equipment to maintain the track and to run the Club and and is looking for donations to assist.  Please support for us by making a donation on our Give A Little page - every bit helps! Click Here

Contact us for more info or visit our Facebook page Click Here

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