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When is the next Frostply event?      The reinvigoration of an historic local fast planing class.
Frostply Association
Contact the association for any info or comments. Want to contribute, then let us know.
Adrian France, williams19781978@hotmail.com


The frostply is a two person centreboard boat that can also be comfortably sailed singlehandedly. The mainsail is fully battened, the hull is one of the most stable and lively, planing earlier in lighter winds than other centreboard boats. These characteristics make the boat suitable to learn in and have much fun in, while the rules of the class also allow the genetics to be technical for optimum speed.

Are you aware that sir Peter blake sailed a frostply. When you check sailor's pasts frostply sailing is common...

The association has many boats that can be borrowed. There are boats available for use in Hamilton, Ngaroto, and Thames. If you would like to sail one casually or at the championships, or would like to donate your boat let the association know.

Keywords: Frostply, sailing, yachting, centreboard, dinghy
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We wish to thank Pak' N' Save that hosted the Frostply Association as a community cheque-out for the month of July 2013. Proceeds are going towards promoting sailing participation. The next purchase will be for competition trophies.
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